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Welcome to the Official Recruits in Suits Website


The Recruits in Suits present a insanely addicting Minecraft SMP Lets Play Series

Lots of New Minecraft Videos every week!!
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6 Responses to “Welcome to the Official Recruits in Suits Website”

  1. There is a talk about minecraft being on Xbox 360. Is that true?

    • wojtek
    • Reply
    • yes it is

      • Vikom Media
      • Reply
  2. come on vikom please fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sam
    • Reply
  3. hi Vikom or Alex my friend and i are huge fans we do not have a website but we were wondering if you could come on our server it’s called the aces and the ip is we will make you special guest and maybe even moderators or if your awesome enough we will make you admin so PLEASE come on our server it’s
    really we will probably do anything you say or ask

    • connor
    • Reply
  4. i sorry i got banned from your server but please still come to our server i’m the arttist on minecraft but we (my friend and i) prepared something just for you and it’s SUPER awesome so PLEASE COME

    • connor
    • Reply
  5. Hey this is graham would you get on the server now please? Thanks.

    • Graham
    • Reply

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